Original Hand Crafted Christmas Gifts at Killester Art & Craft Fair


What a fantastic weekend Mairead and I had. We exhibited some of our latest pieces at the Art and Craft Fair in Killester Resource Centre. We met so many of you who are Felt Enthusiasts – like ourselves! A huge thank you to the powerhouse that is Harrie McManus. She is some mighty woman, organising the entire Fair and making it a shining example of all that is good in Irish Craft. The atmosphere was pure Christmas – even though I know it’s early! Sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

So, with our order books brimming (thank you, kind people) we are back to the studio and working hard. If you are one of the people who commissioned a piece as a very special Christmas gift, then we will be in touch with you before the end of the month. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say ‘Hi’ – especially our #IrishBizParty Twitter buddies. It was lovely to put faces to ‘Twitter’ names. We will definitely be at next year’s Killester Craft Fair – and now back to work.