Siobhán Healy

Felt making is addictive. For me it is creative, vibrant, fun, and challenging. The impact of colour has interested me since my Art College days.   Since graduating from National College of Art and Design, Dublin in the late 1980’s, I have worked in printed textiles, stained glass, and felted textiles. Art education also remains an integral part of my life. My intention as an artist is to create beautiful things, both decorative and practical, and as a teacher, to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

I currently concentrate on Felt making, an ancient textile art, which is also a fabulous contemporary art form that has many practical and modern applications.  I explore its pictorial potential, using fibres, natural and found, as a medium of artistic expression.

I love felt because it is so versatile.  I love natural fibres, particularly wool and silk and the interplay of light in the fabrics and textures. My themes and concepts are embedded in nature and landscape, which change from day to day and I try to be very flexible in my approach.  I am also exploring more fully the processes of natural dyeing.

All the pieces are unique.  I aim to represent the beauty and memories of nature  that I see and feel around me in each piece. The vibrant colours and textures of the natural fibres and fabrics I use are also inspiration in themselves.

I work closely with my colleague Mairead, formulating the design concept and during the art process. As we work to commission, the client’s wishes are the essential third element in the work, making our Felted Art,  both  personal and unique to  its owner.

I hope you enjoy our work,


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