Mairéad Burke

Threads hold an interest for me, and used creatively, can lead the eye to images and conceits to ponder, pursue, and above all enjoy. Using this art form to complement the colours of nature so deftly created in felt by my colleague Siobhán, is at once a joy and a challenge, that I relish.

Choosing the threads, the colours, the motifs, and deciding how prominent or understated they should figure in the design of each of our felt pieces is the delicate line for me to tread (no pun intended!).

Threads provide connections, and links to reveal the inspiration in our pieces and to the possibilities in the mind of the beholder. I hope that viewers of our work will enjoy the combination of colours and inlay in each of our creations that will provide enjoyment, contentment, and pleasure as well as prompting and provoking their own creative insights.

I hope you enjoy our work.


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